About Us

In September of 2016 three people met at a Steak N Shake to discuss creating a video game venture. One person had all the video, audio and programming knowledge and software / hardware, one was a super-talented audio engineer, singer and voice-over artist and the other had the resources to make it all happen.  What we lacked was the facility to make it all happen. The three people talked about what we would require to fully create our games and productions. We spoke of 4K cinematic cameras, drones and photography equipment and a full-featured recording studio with top-quality microphones to record voice talent and special effects. We talked about video editing for cut scenes and other productions as well as a full music composing area. 

Main Office at Atomic Cat Interactive

The Story Continues

Then we talked even more about a facility with a massive blue screen for special effects. We would need plenty of room for our motion capture technology to create all the behaviors necessary for our game characters to emote. We talked about the need for 2D and 3D artists in their own departments and a comfortable space to discuss projects and impress clients with the grand reveal of our work. 

Atomic Cat was Born!

In November of that same year, Atomic Cat Interactive was born and a new era in video, audio and game production would begin in a quiet, unassuming hilly area in Dade City, Florida. A 4,000 square foot facility comprised of six key areas: production room with blue screen / white screen, main office where all video editing, compositing, audio engineering, 3D animation and music composing is performed, audio area with a complete sound-proof recording studio, two offices for animators and other in-house professionals as well as a comfortable board room. 

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